07.04.2020 12:22:55
07.04.2020 12:22:51
07.04.2020 12:22:44
07.04.2020 12:22:41
07.04.2020 12:22:38
07.04.2020 12:22:25
06.04.2020 16:50:45
+реп за 30мин отправил все
01.04.2020 14:47:33
Заказывал вечером, пришли карточки на утро, доволен
01.04.2020 11:48:48
Все ок. Но при последней покупке прислали уже 2 повторки выше уровня прокачки. Или бот плохо проверяет наличие или не проверяют вообще. Пока не знаю покупать ли дальше.
31.03.2020 12:37:12
Same key bad think. Keys for games activated on Steam. 2.When buying, we indicate which game you received. 3. By purchasing this product - guaranteed to get a working key to the licensed game for activation in STEAM. 4. Games that can fall: ********************************************* 1)Knights and Merchants 2)Dream Pinball 3D 3)Chicken Shoot Gold 4)Planets Under Attack 5)KnightShift 6)Gorky 17 7)Septerra Core 8)Two Worlds II Castle Defense 9)Tumblestone 10)Jack Orlando Director?s Cut ******************************************** All games are signed! Refund is not provided. All games are evenly mixed. If you buy 10 games in one hand, they will all be different from the list above; if there are more then there will be repetitions. This product is distributed through digital distribution, and does not contain packages and boxes. When buying, you automatically agree to the above conditions! .