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Complex integrative treatment programs overweight and dependence on food. Based on an understanding of the fact that all processes in the human body are interrelated and interdependent. Triune nature of man as a biological, social and spiritual being is undeniable. Therefore, in the painful process of these three aspects of suffering - and metabolic processes (metabolism), and social contacts (food as a means of communication: holidays, feast, feast each other), and the spiritual sphere (personal habits, addictions, craving, eating out of laziness, boredom, eating as a proofreader emotional state). We are convinced that the therapy (and only this therapy) is required to improve and help once in 3 areas, and for this purpose created a comprehensive program of integrative treatment of this multifactorial disease. These methods were awarded numerous diplomas, awards public and government organizations. In August 2006, awarded a gold medal methods Expocentre (ENEA) of Ukraine with the rank of "Best Service of 2006" and "Slavic Clinic" has received the status of "The best domestic goods and services" .These awards reflect our success as a therapy and improve health of the nation.
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist (the highest medical category), PhD, physiologist, psychologist, the psychiatrist. Supervisor "Slavic Clinic", chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Psychosomatic and Integrative Medicine (VAPIM), member of the Presidium of the Union of Professional Psychotherapists Ukraine (CAP), an expert FIA (Financial Investment Alliance, USA), Director of GHT, author of numerous works on relationships and their treatment . He was awarded the Order of public gratitude "for good." The author of 11 patents and 35 patents in therapy relationships. Author of "Handbook of health and harmony", "Lose Weight delicious and wisely", "Practical advice for those wishing to lose weight" and numerous scientific and popular articles. The author of the most advanced method of program Global Health Technologies. These are: 1) a new round in the science dietetics; 2) the integration of all the latest advances dietetics, psychophysiology, psychotherapy and physiology; 3) 30 hours of video lectures, 4) other practical benefits, development and recommendations.
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