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Good afternoon, dear reader! I'm very glad you're interested in me-term written a book and spend your time (and in - general, part of his life) out to familiarize yourself with the fact that I want to tell you about self-regulation. For me, as an author, it is an honor! After all, I came up and laid out on paper is just for you to read it and took it - something useful for yourself from this material.

And I tried to make it so that you were not only interesting to read this SOI-gu, but that you have found in it a lot of useful things for themselves; to you after reading the book, it became clear that before it was not entirely clear; to the challenges that lie before you, in one way or another were resolved.

In my life, I know for sure, you read lot of advice about how and ka-kim properly heal itself. But, for some reason, all of these tips have flown past you. And you continue to live as he lived before. This is due to the fact that the person being quite conservative, and to any changes in your life is suspicious - and suddenly they can do harm? And while it is possible, he is struggling to thread preserves the state of affairs to which he was accustomed. And I in these pages does not want to produce new tips that you're not going to perform.

I would like to bring to your mind the idea that self-regulation in the particular circumstances can make you more adapted to this world. And at the same time without requiring a radical overhaul of your life?

The book gives a simple, effective and quick technique of self-regulation of the psyche.

Link to the yet to be achieved - the greatest impetus for the person giving life to his best creations

Rabindranath Tagore.

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