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Effective technology for health, youth and longevity

"We must remember what life is, what is health,

And the balance, harmony of the elements of its support,

Their discord destroys and kills ... "

Leonardo da Vinci

Instead of a prologue: curious, sick, healthy

Mankind is entering into a new quality of earthly existence - the period of endogenous respiration. The transformation is accompanied by a dramatic improvement in health and a significant prolongation of life. This is confirmed by the amazing results and prognostic filigree stems from the theory based on the logic of a set of facts.

Endogenous breathing revealed that failed to find thousands of the best inquiring minds. Key issues of the body, primarily sought in metabolism, and they were associated with poor production and exchange of energy. In normal breathing the bulk of the cells of the body suffers from energy deficit, but at the same time there are many Super Concentrated areas of energy, damaging tissue. Primarily affecting small vessels, the inner surface of the arteries, blood cells and pulmonary alveoli. These processes are caused by breathing, so do not stop, even during sleep. Continuous laminating damaging effects causes atherosclerosis and tissue degradation, in terms inseparable from the external breathing immunodeficiency leads to various diseases and aging.

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