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Is it possible to develop the mental abilities? Sure! I know that many will be surprised to know that IQ can be raised to a higher level. Experts, however, did not deny this possibility: that the available evidence is too obvious. Here are some examples: children engaged in 1964 under the program of preparation for school, IQ increased by 10 points in just six months of training, and these were children from disadvantaged families; children with mental disorders, which was given to hard study, EEG after therapy showed an increase IQ from 10 to 23 points; Scientists from the University of California at Irvine as a result of a ten-minute listening to a Mozart sonata for two pianos in C major K. 448 have improved IQ test subjects to 8-9. Naturally, after such a sharp rise in IQ can not remain constant. For example, the increase in IQ in preschoolers fizzles to a second or third class, who were listening to a Mozart sonata in - in 15 minutes. This is called the damping effect.

The book is about the development of intelligence, mental and creative abilities.


Introduction. 8

Chapter 1. And you - genius? 9

Chapter 2. You keep dreaming. 14

Chapter 3. Open a stream of images. 20

Chapter 4. Strengthening feedback. 31

Chapter 5. The effect of surprise. 42

Chapter 6. Integrating images. 52

Chapter 7. The mighty power of questions. 62

Chapter 8: Model thinking. 72

Chapter 9. Storage memory. 81

Chapter 10. Effect of Socrates. 88

Chapter 11. Role of oxygen. 95

Chapter 12: Working in a group. 98

Chapter 13: It all starts from childhood. 104

Chapter 14. The great strength. 115

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