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Astrology is divided into three areas:

1. The predictive astrology.

2. mundane astrology.

3. Election (elective) astrology.

Predictive astrology is related to the prediction of future events or trends and opportunities. This section, in turn, can be divided into natal astrology and horary astrology. The first is based on an analysis of maps, built according to the moment of birth. In horary astrology is based on the time card the job issue. Both give equally good results, provides a good analysis of all parts of the map. We will consider in more detail horary astrology.

Mundane astrology refers to the general horoscopes of countries, peoples and large communities of people. Election (elective) astrology analyzes the time corresponding to the beginning of the chosen event.

Horary astrology is the most popular, since it does not depend on the moment of birth, which is not always known. However, if the birth chart can be further built and analyze and determine the general direction of destiny (the questioner) Querent, the horary card is limited to consideration of particular cases and situations of concern to the querent at the job issue.

This book describes all of the destinations. Here are its contents by chapter.

1. Sections astrology

2. Keys to the signs

3. The keys to homes

4. Keys to the planets

5. Keys to the planets in the signs

6. Aspects

7. Combining aspects of yoga and tayak

8. Question Time

9. How to ask a question

10. significators, pests and benefactors

11. How to interpret aspects

12. Role of the Moon and the Eleventh House

13. Some exceptions

14. The timing of the event

15. Horoscope burned a path nodes and backward movement

16. Practical examples

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