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The book "Two Lives" written Concordia Evgenievna Antarovoy through communication with

the real author through clairaudience - the way recorded

the book "Living Ethics" Helena Roerich and Nicholas Roerich, "the Secret Doctrine" - HP Blavatsky.

The unity of the source of these books is quite obvious to those who read them. Teaching

presented in the book "Living Ethics", as it is illustrated by the fate of the heroes

book "Two Lives." This is the same source of the One Truth, from which emerged the Teachings

Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and other great teacher.

For the first time in a book intended for the general reader, are bright and

Images of the Great Teachers of deep drawn with great love, to show them

selfless work on the disclosure of the human spirit.

The book, originally intended for a very narrow circle of disciples,

receiving guidance through K.E.Antarovu Great Teachers, published for the first time.

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