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The idea of writing books are usually born during journeys into the inner World. The alias is not accidental. "Tat" - so called in Ancient Egypt the followers of the teachings, according to legend brought to Earth by the God Thoth. Tat is a kind of profession, something between a priest, a psychologist and consultant. "El" is the initial letter ("L") of the name of this incarnation. Names are given to us not by chance. They hold the vibration of human destiny.
"Nobody can prevent me from dreaming. And if the dream suddenly come true miraculously, only myself and a Higher power know how much energy and effort I invested in it, creating it in your mind."
El Tat "medicine for the soul"

Male archetypes we have 5.
Female archetypes. Their 4.

Four female archetype came into our world as children of GEB and Nut, the children of Earth and Sky. This is ISIS, Netid, Maat and Hathor. The myth also calls all four women were goddesses and the children of RA.
Pure feminine archetypes are rare. More often we meet women who predominantly any one archetype, but in certain circumstances demonstrating behaviors consistent with another archetype.
And the first guest of our program
Ancient Egypt/ Karma women / Karma men
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