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Encyclopedia of gang tattoos

It is believed that the birthplace of tattoos - Haiti, where tribes celebrated underwear symbols of majority, anniversaries, puberty. Imported ritual attraction Cook sailor. The word "tattoo" comes from the Polynesian "tattoo" ("Picture").

Symbols used underwear criminal world as a means of communication and media. Tattoo has become a kind of calling card of a criminal, which is hard to mess up, and even harder to lose. As tattoos blatari divided the world into "us" and "them," a thief and fraerov. The symbolism laid underwear 'criminal history, the number of convictions, departure or appointed by the court sentences the term thief suit, related to administrative restriction, inclinations, character, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, place in the criminal hierarchy and even knowledge.

Interpretation of tattoos became a common tool for the police in combating crime. But instant gratification was not and could not be. In the study of underwear painting took decades, and a new direction is gradually cooled. They carried him to the category of armchair theories. The police only recorded the tattoo, treat them as ordinary criminal distinguishing marks. Directory used when it was necessary to establish the identity of the deceased, to identify or recognize a criminal, and so wanted to announce. D.

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