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"Morning of the Magicians" ... Who has not heard of these "magic words" ?! This

amazing book has long been known, has long expected. And finally, it is in front


Ancient Civilizations and the realities of the XX century. Black Order of the SS and the Rosicrucians,

Tibet mountains and jungles of America, brilliant insights and fantastic

mystification, alchemy, immortality and the prospects of mankind. Great

Initiates and Atlantean - with all that you will meet, opening the book. A

opening, assure, will not be able to break away, because there is always: mystery, mystery,

secrets ...

It is no exaggeration to say that the "Morning of the Magicians" has withstood the most important

test - the test of time. In its genre it is - is a classic, as well,

as was the classic approach of the authors: a vision of the world, this world of ours -

through an amazing, through the prism of "fantastic realism". And who knows,

that you can see ...
Книга состоит из двух частей.
Часть 2.
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