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In everyday life, the cause of material injury could be a fire, the Gulf flat car accident, the illegal actions of government officials and others. And in case of emergencies questions redress interested in his causer and the victim. No less concerned with the problem of compensation for material damage resulting from unlawful administrative or criminal prosecution, arbitrary detention, or failure to the authorized public officials of their duties. What about in cases where the harm caused by actions of the minor or incapacitated citizen? On these and other issues related to the problem of compensation for material damage in different situations you will find answers in this book.

Here you will learn about the order of protection of their rights in court, the methods of proving the extent of damage and the appeal court decisions, get other useful tips. The publication contains examples of petitions and recommendations for their preparation.

The book is intended for a wide circle of readers and is designed to help in difficult situations, when to protect their property rights already seems unreal.
Year: 2009

Format: PDF

Quality: eBook

Number of pages: 108

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