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This item includes distrabutiv most advanced to date have, profecsionalnogo astroprotsesora ALMAGEST9 and guidance on working with astroprotsessoru and university course on the theoretical foundations of astrology. Having mastered the basic concepts and concepts of astrology and learn to work with astroprotsessoru ALMAGEST9 you can get started in your own astrosalone as astrologer practitioner professional level.

CPU capability allows users ALMAGEST9: 1.Raschitat any horoscope dates ranging from 1000 BC until 3000, to bring its image on the screen and print. 2.Vyvesti screen graph ingress (entry) of the planets in the signs Zodiaka.3.Vyvesti screen graph of the dynamics of formation and disintegration aspekta.4.Ispolzovat 8 systems domifikatsii.5.Otrazit Aspect relationship between obektami.6.Po free to determine the values \u200b\u200bof orbs for aspektov.7.Osuschestvit traditional methods turn horoscope by imposing one round to another and consider a change in the dynamics of the astrological situation (provided methods of turning 12) .8.Vklyuchit into consideration any number of Arab points, adding to its already existing, resulting personal nablyudeniy.9.Postroit different types of cycle horoscopes: map the solar and lunar returns (the so-called Solari and Lunar), and the return of other planets with the loops formed in their retrograde movement, ingression of the Sun and the Moon in the signs and in the house of the radix. 10.Opredelit the climax of pre-defined aspects of transit between the two planets, and corresponding maps. For example, you can build all the cards on the specific aspects of each other planets Jupiter and Saturn, from the compound, etc. The same possibility exists for the planets, one of which radiksnaya and other transit, progressive, directional and t.p.11.Blok Synastry research allows you to: compare any of the created program cards together by combining, as well as to create a composite map, or middle card. 12.Osuschestvit rapid analysis horoscope built using tables: - aspects - midpoints - Connection of map objects with the fixed stars - the rulers of the signs, Filling, degrees engaged map objects - planets receptions - core cosmograms and goroskopa.13 .Postroit harmonic maps. 14.Vychislit Planetary and Lunar watch dni.15.Osuschestvit rectification time of birth, if known to an accuracy of up to 3 chasov.16.Provodit analysis of the relationships of the planets (reception) .17.Nahodit the climax and climbing planet.18.Sozdavat table efemerid.19.Nalichie database allows you to save previously entered input data and call them at will polzovatelya.20.Blok dynamic astrology. 21.Tablitsy Hofa.22.Aspekty day. 23.Baza these cities of the CIS and the world

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