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If you think about circumcision (tsirkumizatsii), as a means to improve the cleanliness, aesthetics and sexual restlessness, and if this desire is not associated with religious or medical motives, but you just do not accept surgery for such reasons, or would like for it as pay, how much the operation cost, the proposed information I - for you!

I propose to change some attitudes in themselves, perform simple action for a month, and you get the result, which would like to get the operation, but without surgery! Because the term is also aesthetically pleasing to look like after the surgery, even better, because the head is always open, and there will be those frightening scar in place of the foreskin. It's really because I have personally checked and I achieved all the expected results: cleanliness, aesthetics and sexual restlessness, without referring to the doctors. Again, if there are medical indications (phimosis, etc.), or what the religious motives determine the need for surgery, I proposed methodology is not applicable, because it contains no operational intervention and pain. I also want to say that perhaps this technique has already been used by someone in the past, but at least I was worked out by yourself! My information will cost you only a quarter of the amount you would pay in the near future! While I understand that this information - a blow to the pockets of doctors practicing surgery, but the man has the right to make a choice, what he should do with her body! Therefore, the choice should be just for you! The result of my practice, I guarantee you! And accompanies the whole process of information to obtain the final result! And the result will be aesthetically pleasing-looking member, with ever a bare little rough and dry the head, which also wins in size, because there will be constantly pressurized by the foreskin. Make up your mind! The operation is irreversible, and my technique allows reversibility! We can communicate previously before buying, if you do not decide to buy a technique at once!
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