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The analogue IP2Location ™ database IP-COUNTRY [DB1] allows you to quickly determine the country by IP address in a few simple steps.

Last updated database in May 2004.

With this database, you can quickly identify where a visitor came to you. Conduct targeted visitors without using external connections.

You save on your traffic. Total for $ 4 Are you sure you spozitsioniruete their customers and thus raise your business to unprecedented heights than before using this script. This is something you just do not have enough for the successful promotion of your product on the Internet market. Do not hesitate a long time, make the right decision - take this script and you'll thank me. Be the first otherwise your competitors will overtake you, then they know exactly what they need this technology.

Ability to work as a script using the database and without it. The scope of delivery includes a database, 2.5 MB, the script access to data and an example of use.

The database is represented as follows:

1. The initial value of the numeric value of IP address mask

2. The final value of the numerical value of the mask of IP addresses

3. The string value "2 or 3 characters" Country code as defined in ISO 3166

4. The string name of the country
The database contained all the currently existing IP addresses.

On the basis of this script you can easily choose one running the script questions:

Identification of the country in real time.

Introduction of targeted content for banner mechanisms (geo-targeting by country)

Automatic selection of the language for multilingual sites.

Spam filtering.

The analyzer server logs.

And much more ...

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