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In recent years, there is a rapid development of telecommunication systems, a key element of which is the global computer network Internet and its main service WWW (World Wide Web). Internet represents the first implementation of hypermedia computer-mediated environment that is uniquely positioned to promote and acts as two fundamental elements:

• First, the Internet - a new means of communication, represented communication model "many, many" which is based on pull-model information consumers. In addition, the Internet is a way of presenting a hypermedia information differs significantly from traditional media interactive nature, high flexibility and scalability.

• Second, the Internet - a global virtual electronic market that does not have any territorial or time constraints that allows for interactive goods and significantly alter the ability of firms in the promotion of goods and place distribyutivnyh firms in the process.


1. promotional campaigns on the Internet. Goals and objectives.

2. Corporate Web-server

3. Banners

3.1. Service banner exchange (ad network)

3.2. The effectiveness of banner ads

3.3. Banner as the carrier branding

4. E-mail - e-mail.

4.1. Mailing lists and discussion groups

5. newsgroups (Usenet)

6. Prospects for the development of online advertising


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