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SMART BOOK FOR THOSE INTERESTED his life and the law, occurring in it.
In this book I describe the 12 zodiac signs and treat them with a slightly different angle of view. Many times in my life I have heard that, for example, a person born under the sign of Gemini, but he argues that it supposedly does not fit the sign. That is, perhaps, reading, interpretation of the sign of Gemini, trying on her for himself, he does not agree with this. What should he do? It is possible that he was born at the crossroads of two signs - Gemini and Cancer or Taurus and Gemini. In his case, you can see the interpretations of these two signs - Taurus and Cancer, and may be able to find features that are present in this man. But if you still could not find the necessary information about themselves for these two characters, do not despair and think that astrology is bad and inexact science. It may be that you do not end up in themselves to understand and, as they say, "do not see themselves from the outside." Ask your friends or people who know you better and more read the interpretation of these signs and to specify the most appropriate sign of the zodiac and the nature of your image.

But there is an easier way to learn about themselves and to "look at ourselves", which I describe in this book. Zodiac consists of 12 signs of the zodiac. And every single zodiac sign plays a role in our lives. Whether you're a parent, our child, husband, wife, co-workers or our attitude to money, love, relationships, profession. Sometimes we think, why we behave differently in different situations and with different people? This is because for the rest of our lives is not only in the solar zodiac sign by which we are born, as well as our time of birth (Ascendant) and the other planets are present in the sky at the moment of birth. Even neighboring zodiac from our solar allow different look at the man and his life, let you appreciate why it is so and not otherwise, we build our relationships, business, family.

In the book, I give you the opportunity to understand themselves, identify their birth sign of the times, and understand and accept people who are close to you, or that you will encounter in the future.

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