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For enthusiasts interested in building a self-made helicopter, designed to the highest standards: Aeros - one of the most beautifully designed single-seat helicopters that you can build yourself! The construction manual presents 44 pages of detailed drawings of all the assemblies and parts, a collection of instructions and photographs to facilitate the construction of this beautiful aircraft.

The Aeros helicopter can be built in a well-equipped home workshop. To reduce the cost and reliability of the aircraft, a converted VW car engine is used. Belt transfer to the tail rotor. Frame made of aluminum pipes. Two-blade propeller. Manual control of the automatic skew and the general pitch of the angle of installation of the blades. Managed tail rotor. If the engine fails, the landing is performed in the rotor self-rotation mode. Aeros can be registered as a Homemade Aircraft.

The kit includes:
Helicopter drawings 44 sheets.
Drawings in English.
The product volume is 282 Mb.
JPG Format


Vertical take off and landing, flying, acceleration, flight back and to the sides. In case of engine failure, the landing is performed in the rotor self-rotation mode

Length: 5,4 m.
Height: 2,1 m.
Width: 1,5 m.
The main rotor diameter is 6.6 m.
Turnover of main rotor per minute: 450
Rotor of tail rotor per minute: 3200
Dry weight: 270 kg.
Useful cargo: 180 kg.
Maximum speed: 120 km per hour
Range of flight: 100 km.
Engine: Volkswagen
Engine power: 95 hp
Fuel capacity: 50 liters.
Fuel consumption: 16 l / h.
The maximum ceiling is 3000m.
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