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The collection includes articles:

Aksenchuk LA - The legal capacity of a foreign citizen in the field of entrepreneurship

Babayev AB - Agreement on innovation, providing compensation and debt forgiveness

Belyaeva OA - Circulation of bills and arbitration practice

Bogdanov, EV - The legal status of the legal entity

Vakhnin IG - Formation conditions and product supply contract

Haiduk AMY GOODMAN - Termination of the contract and the consequences porucheniya_osnovaniya

Denisov SA - Preferential right to sign the contract as the institution that sets the limits of freedom of contract

Evteev VS - real justification of losses

Egiazarov B Soshnikov A Turchin C - Liability for violation of customs regulations

Yem VS, Kozlov NV - Founding dogovor_ponyatie, content, essence and legal nature

A Efimova - Legal problems of non-cash

Zhdanov DV - Conversion of shares in the reorganization of joint stock companies

Zarandia T - Delay of the debtor and the creditor

Ilchenko AL - The state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it

Kolesnikov OA - On the concept of transition liability laws

Korshunov YU.N- Examination disability of persons injured at work

Kuznetsov NV - rents

K. Lebedev concept, structure and legal status of accounts payable

Leonova G.B - unitary enterprise as a subject of civil law

Logunov DA - The practice of the surety agreement

Makarov GP - The state registration of rights to immovable property in the housing sector

Makarov GP - The rights of citizens to compensation for lost property

Margolin MA - Invalid large transactions and transactions with interested parties

Mikheyev A - Securities and funds as objects of trust management

We K. The essence of the warranty in the contract of sale

Novoselov LA - Definition of objects of property rights

Parashchuk S. - Konkurentsiya_ot economic ambiguity in legal certainty. The right to compete

Cooks YS - Protection of the rights of creditors in transactions with businesses

Rakhmilovich AV Sergeeva E.E - On legal regulation of settlement of forward contracts

RuzakovaO.A, Dmitriev SV - Copyright and related rights on the Internet

Sidorov VA - How to ensure effective legal protection against defamation

Smirnykh AG - Protecting the interests of bona fide purchaser

Telyukina MV - ESSENCE and some problems of competition law

Telyukina MV - reorganization as a way to end the activities of legal entities

Uzoykin DA - Foreign exchange transaction unenforceable

Fogelson YU.- insurable interest in the property insurance

Tsybulenko H - Transactions with real estate and registration

Shepenko RA - Seizure and sale of excisable goods by the customs authorities

Shchennikova LV - Institute of acquisitive prescription in Russia (the legislative structure and problems of law enforcement)

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