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This book aims - to acquaint everyone with the secret forces that are inherent in him. For the first time in the history of hypnosis, fully reveals the mechanism of suggestion without falling asleep, currently available only to individual hypnotist. Practical information on hypnosis and suggestion enable ordinary reader to master hypnosis.

It's not even a textbook - a tutorial.

The author is absolutely sure that this work will cause resentment of those who until then completely possessed this knowledge, hiding from prying mechanism of action of these forces and their development, secretly used this terrible weapon.

Now, you will not be defenseless in the face of grave danger! That is the ultimate goal of the author.

How to use this book? This book is designed for those who wish to develop their own

the ability of the hypnotist, but does not know where to start. It talked about how to make the first move.

In the book, there are no superfluous words. If you do it will seem insignificant -So you do not understand something. Go back and read it again to understand mesto.Poprobuyte again. The fact that some "nedochitanny piece" can destroy the integrity of the material so thin and delicate topics as hypnosis and the mechanism described here is not going to work.

There is no doubt that in 3 months you will be able to achieve the desired result. Three months - this is the maximum time required for mastering the first stage autogenous training, developing a sense of absolute confidence and other qualities required to perform ten basic rules.
The material in this book is unusual in that the first time the general reader provides the details for inspiration without falling asleep with a detailed analysis of this method of suggestion, while a limited number of well-known hypnotists performing to music. The book contains eighteen conventional hypnosis methods, considered the possibility of mental suggestion. The book has exercises, in which you can

independently in the shortest possible time to master the methods of hypnosis.
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