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Unique information about how to develop a potential victim as FSB techniques can be used for their own purposes .... Finding dating related to the creation of favorable situations, many of which can occur by chance, and the main thing here - do not miss the right variants dating momenta.Optimalnye essentially depends on the profession, gender, age, nationality, social status, cultural level, character, habits and all other individual to individual, but also on his mood, the scene, the environment and other in varying degrees affect faktorov.Pri acquaintance immediately selected program communication: symmetric or more. Symmetrical model implies equality - age, intellectual, social - communicating parties, a fact which makes it clear, in the future, participants vigorously monitor compliance with it (which is permitted one, then allowed both). Additional program maintains inequality and records distance communication, which then strictly adhere. When meeting the appropriate program installed instantly, then change it rather difficult ...

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