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You have happened that you are walking down the street and suddenly saw a beautiful, lonely and just to your taste girl? And what do you do? Familiar with it, we took the phone and invited to a meeting or just nice and comfortable communicating?

Or just stood there and thought about what she was like to meet her, and what to do?

This book teaches us only one thing: how to get acquainted with the girl. Whether she is alone in the street with friends, with classmates, with mum or boyfriend. Anywhere. Anytime.

This book is written as a tutorial with a variety of exercises and dozens of examples, simple language, understandable words.

It remains easy to do all that is written here - and it will take you a couple of months. But is the girl of your dreams is not worth it?

Year: 2006

Pages: 192 pages.

Format: PDF

Russian language
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