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In the book, researcher at the National Research Center of defense technologies and military security of Ukraine, academician of the International Academy of bioenergotehnology, a renowned expert in the field of parapsychology Yuri Batulin given complex system of self-medication based on natural methods of recovery.

The reader is a wealth of information, skilfully chosen by the psychology of both healthy and sick person. Recommendations for drug-free treatment is accompanied by a list of recipes available to urban and rural residents.

For the first time in the pages of the book publication set out scientific and practical look at the whole problem of cancer from its beginning to cure. Showing the diversity of the causes of disease. The mechanism of tumor formation and its dependence on karma and faith, the power supply system and the state of the human psyche. The concrete method of getting rid of non-medicamental cancer.

The author convincingly proves the fallacy of the theory of primary cancer and the failure of the official system of care. In specific examples of treatment of cancer patients proves the urgent need for mainstreaming the fight against cancer, and psychological treatment of bioenergy.

The reader familiar with the basics of scientific parapsychology and bioenergologii available techniques bioinformatic analysis of their own karma, selecting foods and herbal remedies for the treatment of your own body.

The book is intended for a wide circle of readers. It is a family encyclopedia of alternative medicine, are attached to the non-drug methods of disease prevention, their self-healing.

For psychologists, oncologists, bioenergologov and healers - is a valuable guide in their practice.

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