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As you'll see, made recommendations in this book are applicable to all types of

production and trade. In them it is not about some forms of business, and that

what is common in all commercial enterprises. There is no business that would

It consisted only of a unique, unique, specific features. Typically, a business is 80% of the most ordinary and familiar. However, very few business people aware of this report .. I installed, usually the person knows the specific side of their business, but rarely so well aware of the majority of its total bankruptcies are not caused by lack of special, namely general knowledge - about the management, marketing, business organization, finance. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to produce a book dealing with common to all types of business things, a book that people would keep in his desk in the office. Books for everyday use that could assist in decision-making in the organization of proper business. I have found that there are at least twelve of the Rules or the principles that ought to know every business person. They are formulated in this book. They could be called the Twelve condition for success, as no ignoring their case can not be prosperous. So I think that this book is worth the money for which it is purchased.

HN Kasson

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