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Are you familiar with such a small tragedy? You walk down the street, thinking about their problems. Puzzled over where to get the money needed to pay for the purchased credit machine. And suddenly you notice a girl in the crowd. It seems you do not just pretty and stunning - so sexy and exciting that you can not help speed up a step to get closer to her. You can not take his eyes off her beautiful long legs, high breasts, curvy buttocks. You want to grab this charmer on the street. Rushing to her, you feel that your heart is ready to jump out of his chest. You frantically looking for words that can melt the ice. You ask yourself - how to get that gorgeous seductive body to hug him and cover with kisses? Maybe you say to yourself, you should throw himself at her feet, to promise her all my savings, the car - and even a brand new stereo? Or just grab her long golden hair and drag kakoeto in a quiet place? You are in complete confusion. You do not know how you do that. And suddenly, you think she did not like my ears too big? Maybe she noticed that my hair started to thin out? Are you afraid that your words may seem silly to her, and she does not answer you. Or require you to leave her alone. Or you complain about the nearest police! Once finally with her, you do not say anything. Just watch as she turns the corner to disappear forever from your life. Suddenly, you realize with sadness that never patted her affectionately on the rounded buttocks. You never kiss her ear. Never touch to her firm breasts.

As days go by, but the thought of the beautiful stranger do not leave your head. Do you remember about it too often - more often than you would like. It drives you crazy. Why do not you meet her? Why shown shameful cowardice? Do you regret that you did not find the words with which could attract her attention. Berated himself for not having mastered the magical method that can arouse her interest in you, get her to talk to you.

In fact, there are thousands of ways dating girls. You will find them in this book. I wish you pleasant reading. And a successful hunt!

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