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"Answer yourself to the question: who creates your life? You yourself? Or circumstances, other people, fashion, prestigious trends? Obediently following what dictates society, people often forget about their own aspirations and live in anguish "someone else´s" life, instead of enjoying their own unique way. But, perhaps, it´s time to "wake up" and consciously change its role? Agree, being an actor in someone else´s play is not as promising as the author of your own movie!

Vadim Zeland offers a simple and very effective approach: stop being a Receiver of other people´s information and become a Translator, start "making your movie". You will not need special knowledge and skills. All that needs to be done: - create a "slide" - describe words with a cherished goal in every sphere of life; - and then write down daily "thought forms", confirming the realization of your intentions. Each author proposes to create each thoughtform in two stages. In the morning you record a "declaration", thus broadcasting an ideal picture of your life, and in the evening - "ascertaining", in which you write, what changes to the desired side were noticed during the day. Keeping records in this key will help you focus on your intentions and gradually, day after day, transform the ideal picture into an objective reality.

For the convenience of users - all pages for entries are divided thematically. The author clearly demonstrates examples of creating slides and thought forms, and at the end of the book, in a laconic form, recalls the main principles of Transurfing."
Publisher: IG "Ves"
ISBN: 978-5-9573-2567-3
Branch (genre): Esoterics. Parapsychology. Secrets
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Illustrations: Colored
Language: Russian
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