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Dear customers!

We present to you an unparalleled series of audiobooks on the legislation of the Russian Federation "All Codes and the Right Laws."

(IMPORTANT: We constantly support the relevance of our audiobooks, periodically rewriting them as the laws are amended and changed!)

Study laws and other regulations easily and at ease!

All lawyers, as well as students who study law, know first hand how tedious it is to read legal texts. To master the law, to understand its meaning, it takes weeks and months of tedious reading. But now we will greatly facilitate your efforts.

Take care of your eyes - listen to our audiobooks! In the car, on the bus, in the metro, at lectures, at home - turn on the audiobook and very quickly, after repeated listening, the content and meaning of the complex legal text will be deposited in your memory. This is verified by us from our own experience.

The proposed audiobook "The Law of the Russian Federation" On Mass Media "as amended on July 29, 2012 will be very useful for citizens studying the laws of the Russian Federation, students, practicing lawyers, lawyers, state, law enforcement and judicial officials, citizens wishing to create a mass media outlet (printed or electronic).

The size of the audio file is mp3: 100,9 MB. The duration of the sound: 01:50:19.

Audiobook is recorded using a speech synthesizer (female voice Irina). Although the sound of the voice is as close as possible to the human sound, nevertheless, before buying, be sure to familiarize yourself with the sample of the sound of the specified voice - you can download the audiobook "Constitution of the Russian Federation", recorded by this voice: .

In case you are not satisfied with the sound of this voice for some reason, you should not buy an audiobook, as the money will not be refunded. A refund is possible only in case of defects in the audio file or if another one is purchased instead of the one declared in the description of the book.

Using our "computer" (although sounding like a human) voice when recording our audiobooks is due to two reasons:

1) Thanks to this, we can quickly rewrite the laws and regulations, in which changes and additions are made monthly. If we used a "live" voice, then regular re-recording of audiobooks would be impossible. Therefore, we have the opportunity to propose laws and regulations in a fresh version.

2) Use of "computer" voice makes the process of recording an audio book cheaper (one thing is to hire an actor-speaker each time, rent a recording studio, another thing is to write down the text using legal software). Therefore, our products are sold at an affordable price.

When listening for the first time, the sound of our audiobooks may seem monotonous, but the more often you listen to them, the better you get used to this voice. Monotone sounding quickly stops "straining", and the meaning of the text is perceived perfectly and firmly fixed in memory. This has been tested by us on the basis of the experience of practicing lawyers.

If an audio book with the record of the law you need, another normative act is not on our goods list, just write to us. In a short time we will write down the audiobook you need and add it to the list of our products.

Check out all our audiobooks, be sure to find a lot of useful for your development.

I wish you success in mastering the Russian legislation!
The law applies to media established in the Russian Federation, and for those created outside its borders, only insofar as it relates to the distribution of their products to the Russian Federation. Legal entities and citizens of other states, stateless persons enjoy the rights and bear the obligations provided for by the Law, on an equal basis with organizations and citizens of the Russian Federation (unless otherwise established).
The freedom of mass information (intended for an unlimited circle of persons of printed, audio, audio-visual and other messages and materials) in the Russian Federation is proclaimed. A mass media means a periodical printed publication, a radio, television, video program, newsreel program, another form of periodic dissemination of mass information. Other concepts used in the Law are defined.
Censorship of the mass media, that is, the requirement for the editorial staff of media outlets to prioritize messages and materials, as well as imposing a ban on the dissemination of messages and materials (their separate parts) is not allowed. It is prohibited to abuse the freedom of the media.
The founder (co-founder) of the media can be a citizen, an association of citizens, an enterprise, an institution, an organization, a state body. Identified persons who can not act as founders. The editorial office of the media carries out its activities after its registration in accordance with the established procedure. The grounds for termination and suspension of media activities, questions on the status of the founder and the editorial staff of the media are considered. Other provisions on the organization of media activities are also fixed.
The independent section of the Law is devoted to the dissemination of mass information. The following issues are considered: issue and cancellation of the broadcasting license; storage of radio and television broadcasts; distribution of advertising; output data; circulation; etc. State policy in the field of licensing of radio and television broadcasts is developed and conducted by the Federal Commission for Broadcasting.
The foundations of media relations with citizens and organizations are determined. The rights and duties of the journalist are fixed.
Interstate cooperation in the field of mass information is carried out on the basis of treaties concluded by the Russian Federation. Editorial offices and professional associations of journalists participate in international cooperation in the field of mass information on the basis of agreements with citizens and legal entities of other states, as well as international organizations. Citizens of the Russian Federation are guaranteed unhindered access to reports and materials of foreign media.
Founders, editors, publishers, distributors, state bodies, organizations, institutions, enterprises and public associations, officials, journalists, authors of widespread messages and materials are responsible for violations of the RF legislation on the media. There are grounds for exemption from liability.

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