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People who have developed a higher taste of life in themselves, rush to those in whom there is more love - because they have passed under the jurisdiction of the power of love. Those who have developed in themselves good qualities, rush to those who are more just, honest - because they are under the influence of the power of high ideas. Those who live a consumer life, rush to those from whom they can get more money. That is why those who want to rule the world with money and power, by all available means, destroy the exalted relationships between people: destroy the family, the bonds of friendship, trust, disinterestedness, duty, high love; Distort the religion, the essence of spiritual teachings, reducing humanity from the sensations of the spiritual level "I am the soul in the body" to the "I-body" - to the consumer level. The feeling of self strengthens selfishness. And the increase in egoism increases the bodily concept of life.
Until a person looks for happiness at the level of the partyhiva race - in bodily pleasures that are sold for money - he will be governed by money.
In this - the essence of spiritual knowledge, which on different planets, in different cultures acquires the forms of various religions, spiritual and philosophical currents. Their essence is simple: the elevation of souls from the lower taste of life to the higher (from the partyhiva race to the vaikuntha race, from the feeling of being remoteness from others to the feeling of unity with the Supreme, from identifying oneself with the body to realizing its eternal nature).
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