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What is this book about?

The material world is the school of sublime relations. This school has its own schedule, which is written in the energy structure of our body. Every seven years a certain energy center is gradually activated in the human body - the chakra, causing a vibration that draws certain lessons of destiny into our lives, which encourage us to improve our perception of the world, improve our own character, raise our level of aspirations a step higher. If this does not happen, lessons of a certain level persecute a person all his life.

To lessons, exams of life, to checks that we pass at each stage, we need to prepare in advance, because it is impossible to escape from them - they are attracted to us by the vibration of the chakras, which are activated by time and our consciousness

Businessmen keep a calendar, planning meetings. Students look at the schedule, preparing for lessons, to know what lesson they need to learn now. And it will also be useful for everyone to know what they will teach us at a certain time.

About this we need to know - not to be afraid of the lessons that will come to us every once in a while. Knowing when what lessons will come is very important to learn them correctly and in a timely manner, because if we do not keep up with the educational process, the changes that life will push us to, we will have problems - bad grades, called "Crises".

The crisis is a dead end, in which we rest, if we do not evolve spiritually. The way out of the impasse of life becomes possible if we leave something (the former selfishness) and rise to a higher stage of perception of the world - and we find that it was not a dead end, but a step, on which we got the opportunities of a new level.

There are two types of people - those who study in the mode of "autopilot" - who earn good qualities through different situations in which they fall and those who change themselves for the better themselves - their educational program - the fate thanks to this becomes better - they are in mode "Manual control" leads the shortest path to perfection of God Himself.

In the book:
* Unity of religions
* Our mind is our diary in the school of Life.
* Nature of the chakras.
* Chakravidya: school life schedule.
* Astrologers of Bhrigu.
* Roles in the cosmic play
* Predetermination and freedom of choice
* "Autopilot" and "Manual control" of fate
* Track your motivations: they shape destiny!
* The effect of fine cosmic connections
* Harmonious families: Mutual spiritual progress.
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