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Almost everyone who read my first book, "The Passage to the Third Millennium", demanded "the continuation of the banquet", demanded to write a continuation of the book. I refused for a long time, saying that I had already written everything I wanted in the "Pass." But it was not so. I just did not know if people could correctly perceive what I could write about in a new book.

But many of my friends, including well-known ones such as Inna Gomez, Svyatoslav Eshchenko, insistently asked me to write a sequel. When this was demanded even by one Muslim businessman who, after reading the "Pass", decided to become a vegetarian, I realized that I had to write it (because I have something to say), but I will not be sure how I will accept my new book. As a result, I wrote a series of three new books, the first of which has already been published. The title is "The highest taste of life. Exit from the material game. " Publishing house AST. Since the two largest publishers have merged: the AST publishing house has now merged with the EKSMO, - my new book can be ordered (and you will be delivered to this store within a week) in any bookshop in Russia.

I want to warn at once: my new book, unlike the "Pass" is not intended for a wide range of readers. It is intended only for those who at least admit the idea that the world in which we live is really created by someone, so it is in our own interests to take into account the intention behind this world.

  As the publisher said, "this book explodes the brain!" It really blows up misconceptions about the reality surrounding us. Including - and about ourselves.

In addition, it is the first book in the Newest History that sheds light on the existence of dinosaurs in accordance with the ancient Sanskrit texts. Moreover: dinosaurs, aliens and God in ancient treatises, on the basis of which I wrote this book (citing many citations, references) are linked together.

A separate section in this book is devoted to archaeological wars - concealment and destruction of traces of ancient highly developed civilizations - to whom and why it is needed.

My new book tells about the general essence of all spiritual teachings and about the laws of Destiny, about being built into our subtle body, about the timetable for the School of Life in which we live; About the holographic structure of the universe and about many other discoveries of modern scientists who do not give us a system of education in schools.

And, most importantly - this book gives a detailed understanding of the three tastes of life - the three concepts of happiness, following the highest of which a person reaches spiritual perfection and emerges from this "sandbox" where eternal souls are played with inanimate matter, while improving spiritually.
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