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The author of this educational video, Rodney Yee, a highly recognized expert in yoga and his video tutorials are very practical and simple. In this video, Rodney shows exercises for meditation. Exercises are taken from classical yoga and are designed for general relaxation of mind and body, as well as harmonization of all life cycles in the body. Meditation has quite a wide scope of application: it is relaxation after physical exertion, and rest for the mind, right breathing, attitude and much more. The film is shot against the background of amazingly beautiful landscapes of nature, which creates an additional mood and allows you to escape from everyday worries and worries. Meditation is a great way of calm attitude and a wonderful addition to all fighting and just sports practices.
Title: Yoga for Meditation
Author: Rodney Yee
Format: avi
The size: 705 mb.
Quality: Excellent
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