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Prasara (in Sanskrit "flow without thought") is one of the three main directions of hatha yoga. While Asana improves the structural integrity of the body, Vinyasa improves breathing, Prasara teaches transitional movements. Training in the use of these three areas will make it possible to improve more quickly and effectively in yoga as a whole. Join Scotty Sleepy, a multiple champion in sambo and mixed style fights, as well as a wonderful Prasara instructor. In this video you will get acquainted with the "Flow in the Forest" complex. Technically, the complex is quite simple, but the execution of all exercises in a single rhythm and with the observance of all the subtleties will require painstaking sessions. At the same time during the execution of the complex all joints and the body are worked out entirely. This is an ideal means for warm-up before intense training. You can use these exercises also for self-study at home or outdoors. The film is shot against the background of beautiful landscapes, all movements and positions are shown very clearly and you will enjoy such training.
Title: Prasara - Complex "Stream in the Forest"
Author: Scott Sonnon
Format: avi
Size: 327 mb.
Quality: Excellent
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