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The book is a logical continuation of the first two editions on the first and second steps of the Zhong Yuan Qigyung. It is based on the material of the third-level lecture and practical seminars and trainings, including in Shaolin (China), conducted by the Master of Qigong Professor Xu Mingtang in different countries.
The book presents some aspects of the ancient views in Zhong Yuan qigyong on the structure and evolution of the universe and the Way of Human Development. The philosophical conception of the model of the universe with different levels of worlds, possible forms of life in them and the directions of their development is described.
The exercises on energy activation in the area of ​​the upper dantian for the opening of the Third Eye are suggested. Methods of breathing and feeding energy through the navel and practice of rejuvenation. Details of the state of the Pause and guided soul movements are described in detail. Explains the stages of the development of the Third glaive, the third-eye diagnostic technology and remote treatment.
It is designed for a wide range of readers and practitioners.
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