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Psychological conditions of effective activity of individuals in the organization. Diploma in psychology with practical study - graduation qualification work. Scope of work page 111.
The study involved 30 subjects - employees of ... "..." in Moscow, including 2 officers and 28 departments of their subordinates. All sample consists of 10 women and 20 men aged 26 to 42 years old. Author´s work. The diploma was written by a qualified technician. If AP% on the theoretical part would fall, and it will take some rewriting, empirical (experimental) part is unique and has no analogues in the internet.
Efforts are filled with records for each procedure - 30 subjects.
Research methods in the practical part:
- The methods of theoretical analysis (analysis of literature);
 psychodiagnostic methods (method of observation, conversation, "Determination of a psychological climate group" NL Lutoshkina;
 Eysenck Personality Questionnaire G. (EPI);
 method of determining the character accentuations Leonhard K. - G. Shmisheka);
- Mathematical and statistical methods (U-Mann-Whitney and Spearman correlation analysis);
Empirical research is aimed at studying the psychological preconditions for the effective work of employees in the organization. We assumed that the individual working efficiency in the organization affects the psychological climate in the team, which, in turn, depends on the personality characteristics of employees, such as communication skills, character traits and temperament.
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