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Chapter 1. The arbitration proceedings.
1.1. The legal basis of the arbitration proceedings.
1.2. Features and benefits of arbitration.
1.3. The competence of the arbitration courts.
1.4. Calculation of Arbitration collection
Chapter 2. Drawing up of arbitration agreements and certain procedural
2.1. Arbitration agreement, their form and the order of registration. 2.2. The choice of the arbitral tribunal.
2.3. The statement of claim and applications.
Chapter 3. Claim production.
3.1. Filing a claim
3.2. Participation in court proceedings
Chapter 4 Enforcement proceedings
4.1. Presentation of the arbitration court of executive documents to the bailiff service
and in the debtor´s bank
4.2. Organization of interaction with kolektorskimi services. Applications:
1. An application for video conferencing on Skype,
2. The petition to initiate enforcement proceedings.
3. The application for the enforcement of the arbitral award.
4. Guide to the ATCM website.
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