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If you think you have an abundance of trends, styles and various forms of only famous Chinese wushu - you´re wrong. Yoga, the progenitor of martial arts, is perhaps the greater number of different directions - and in this you can make acquaintance with this book.

The book´s title can safely make its motto: "Yoga is easy!" And it is really so! Having got acquainted with various directions of yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Tantra, Sivananda and Liengar), you will find out their distinctive features and similarities. This will help you choose the most appropriate option for you workouts based on personal characteristics (age, physical condition, etc.). Even for the experienced athlete here there is a lot of a variety of technical innovations - and a newcomer will be much easier to navigate the selection of a suitable direction to him.
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Title: Yoga - A Complete Guide on the main directions
Author: Group of authors
Format: pdf
Size: 15 MB.
Quality: Very good
Year: 2015
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