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Ready-made solution to the problem of D3 Option 09 Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics (termehu) Taskbook Targ SM 1983.
Condition Problem D3 (p. 36-42 Manuals Targ SM 1983):
The mechanical system consists of a rectangular vertical plate 1 m1 = mass of 24 kg and the weight of the cargo D m2 = 8 kg; stove or moves around a horizontal guide (Fig. D3.0, D3.4), or rotates around the vertical axis of the z, lying in the plane of the plate (Fig. D3.5, D3.9) At time t0 = 0 the load starts to move under the the action of the internal forces on the existing plate at the trough; law of motion s = AD = F (t) is given in Table. D3, which is expressed in meters, s, t - in seconds. The form of the trough in Fig. D3.0, D3.1, D3.8, D3.9 - straight (KE trough) in Fig. A3.2-D3.7 - a circle of radius R = 0.8 m centered at the center of mass of C1 plates (s = AD in Figure A3.2 -. D3.7 is measured by the arc of a circle).
Stove (Fig. D3.0, D3.4) is the time t0 = 0 the velocity u0 = 0.
Plate (Fig D3.5-D3.9) has at time t0 = 0 the angular velocity ω0 = 8 s-1, at which point it starts to act on the torque M (moment about an axis) specified in the table in newton and aimed both at ω0 M> 0 and in the opposite direction at M <0. z-axis runs from the center C1 plate at a distance of b; Plate dimensions are shown in the figures.
Assuming loads of material point and ignoring all resistances, determine shown in the table in columns 4 and 9, where indicated: in the column 4 (refers to Figure D3.0, D3.4.) X1 - the movement of the plate during the time from t0 = 0 and t1 = 1s, u1 - plate speed at time t1 = 1, N1 - plate full force of normal pressure on the guide at time t = 1 (point where the force is directed); 9 in the column (referred to Figure 5-9.) ω1 - angular velocity of the plate at the time t1 = 1, ω = f (t) - the angular velocity of the plate as a function of time.
In all the figures cargo izoobrazhen in a position where s = AD> 0; for x <0 the cargo is on the other side of the point A.
Right after the payment you will receive a link to a zip-archive with the solution of D3 Option 09 on the theoretical mechanics of manuals SM Targ 1983 for part-time students (Reshebnik Targa 1983).
The decision is made by the methodical instructions and control tasks for part-time students of thermal power, mining, metallurgy, electro-instrument-making, automation and technological specialties universities.
The decision is decorated in WORD format.

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