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Solution of the D7 version 19 of Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics Targ SM 1983 - termehu.
Condition Problem D7 (p. 53-55 in the training manual Targ SM 1983.):
The mechanical system consists of the pulleys 1 and 2, wrapped yarns 3-5 and loads attached to these strands (Fig D7.0 -. D7.9, Table D7.). The system moves in a vertical plane under the action of gravity forces and forces of two pairs M1 torque applied to the pulley 1 and the pair M2 torque applied to the pulley 2. The radii of the pulley 1 are stages: R1 = 0,3 m, r1 - 0 15 m, and the pulley 2 - R2 = 0,2 m, r2 = 0,1 m; their inertia with respect to the rotation axis are, respectively, the radii ρ1 = 0,2 m and ρ2 = 0,1 m.
Neglecting friction, determine the acceleration of the load, having a greater weight; weights P1, ..., P6 pulleys and loads given in the table in Newtons and moments - a nyutonmetrah. One of 3,4,5 cargo whose weight is equal to zero, the figure does not portray; pulleys 1, 2 are always part of the system.
After payment you will receive a unique reference to a quality solution of D7 Option 19 on the theoretical mechanics of a single SM Reshebnik Targ 1983.
The decision is made on the job methodical instructions and control tasks termehu for part-time students of thermal power, mining, metallurgy, electro-instrument-making, automation and technological specialties universities.
The decision is decorated in a word / pdf format / less hand-written in jpg or gif format verify if necessary.

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