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A task
Paul Travelers, the owner of the boat station, located on the lake in a city park, made a will according to which the boat left the station to his eldest son, Gennady Putnikovo, who had a wife and son. In the event that his eldest son would die before the opening of the inheritance, or refuse to accept the inheritance after its opening, the testator in the will have another heir - his youngest son Zinovy Putnikovo, who had a wife and daughter.
August 10, 2002 aircraft, which flew Paul Travelers in Orenburg, crashed during landing. Paul Travelers died. His eldest son, Gennady Travellers by this time was terminally ill.
Zinovy travelers, visiting the brothers asked him to refuse to accept the inheritance in his favor. His request was motivated by the fact that his father was appointed his successor and the boat station, and that it is now virtually controls it. Gains also derived from the boat station, it divides equally between the families and will continue to do so. However, Gennady Travelers disagreed, saying that after recovery he will manage the boat station.
Two months before the end of the period for acceptance of the inheritance Gennady Travellers died, and did not take it.
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