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I want to introduce you to a model of the web studio with free automatic generation of orders.
This business could operate one person, he is not a specialist in any field (design, programming, layout, copywriting, or something else).
All work and search for orders going through the site freelancing, so your site office, un workers in the state - are not necessary. According to this model, I have been working for a long time and have tested all proposed information below.

How does the business model

3 phase operation:
Generation of applications - is performed automatically by software
Identify needs - do you
Execution of the order - delegate experts

What is inside:
Tool to automatically search for interested customers *
Verified scripts automatically send offers with high conversion
Instructions for communication with customers, finding artists tasking performers checklists test the performer.
Bonuses with the first topic on pumping new accounts.
Access to the closed branch on a storekeeper, which already has a base of popular issues, discuss the finer points of the work and exchange experiences.

New features:
Filter by price. You can specify in what price range to take projects.
The possibility to contact the customer by name (automatically). Now, you can optionally remove the reference by name, if you want to write your text message.
Instead of a single options file can now be added as much as necessary. Due to this combination can be any of the patterns and keywords for each specialization.
Searching for projects, you can filter projects minus the words.
Black list of customers. Projects from customers from the list will be ignored.
Rewritten add functionality works from the portfolio to the answers. Now you can add the work from any folder in the portfolio.
Bypass introduced recently captcha
This business model on which you are running an intermediary between customer and supplier.

A key feature of this business model is the most important decision a headache almost every business - lead generation. Involving interested potential clients is automatic.

Your task is to quickly process applications and coordinate the task, take the advance and give the task to work to its executor. The income is the difference between the budget for which you have taken the order, and the value of how much you have actually done it.

Performers under each specialty in which you work, pick up in advance, using ready-made checklists work with the performers.
As a result, your task is only to communicate with the customer agreement terms and transfer the project to the work of the artist. All.
To be useful, the model organization web studio?

But he wanted to start their own business
Those who are already working on a freelance, but tired of the manual search of orders and productive communication with customers
For employees of web studios who want to add another channel automatically attract applications - freelance
What skills are required for successful operation of this business model?

I must say that this business is not suitable for everyone. It requires communication skills, communication. To be able to pose the problem and to verify the result of instructions ready.

What are the pros work on the business model?

You do not need an office and staff
You can work in a large number of specializations simultaneously: Web-design, programming, turnkey websites, copywriting or any other.
You do not have to be an expert in the field in which you work. You can work in all areas at once. Simply find a performer in the selected category, and can take orders.
High speed search orders. You run the software, which will be around the clock to send your suggestions to speed as three live person! It does not "nakosyachit" and will not take time off.
Applications from interested customers you get for free. (Do the math yourself, how much lead, such as contextual advertising or seo - very expensive.)
Subject die. Internet technologies are developing, services are always in demand.

How much can you earn? This depends primarily on your communication skills, just the time you spend on the business scope of topics on which you work, and the average ticket in the selected topics. I goes near 100K clean month at costs 3-4 hours per day. The approximate volume of orders and conversion is seen on screen.

What guarantees? I guarantee you that after the development and the start of work on the business model in the first week will be a minimum of 10 relevant hits. He took the lowest figure, given the fact that there will be absolutely beginners. How much do you have to close a deal and earn, appreciate everyone is depending on the chosen specialization, and price range.

Will the competition? As a result of the work of participants, increased competition on the FL have been reported, so there is no fear, enough for all projects.

Is there any protection against drain on the public? Yes, the program automatically send messages to working on ZennoBox, each license will be issued with reference to the email address and the equipment of the machine. The whole theoretical part is based on the interaction with the program and the value is not alone.

Does the theme of investments? From investments only buy Pro account on and recharge online

What is the cost and what is included in the price

1. Model of web-studio with free automatic generation of orders.
2. Software to automate sending messages to on Zenno with additional functionality with lifetime license - 1 year with the possibility of unlimited rebuy versions.
Price zennoboksa, namely $ 10, included in the purse.
3. Support tech support online program
4. Program Updates

= 4000 rubles
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