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Task 1. What are the characteristics of the subject procurement contract? Give it a complete characterization.
Setting 2.Chem covered by a letter of credit is different from the uncovered letter of credit?
Task 3.

In his will, drawn up Untovym, Kirsanov was named executor of the will. Property Untova passed three heirs, and all the crystal products and silver holders bequest handed Kirsanov. After his death, his heirs Untova demanded Kirsanova implement execution of the will, from which Kirsanov refused, citing the fact that he did not consent to the certification of the will is to be his executor. The heirs did not agree with his arguments and draws attention Kirsanova that he is the heir under the will and heirs do not need consent to being an executor of the will. Kirsanov also pointed to the fact that after the death Untova no measures were taken to protect the inheritance, so he does not know whether to keep it safe, or have been lost. He also believes that his duty as executor of the will was to take measures to protect the inheritance.
Disassemble the arguments of the parties. What does the executor? Who and in what order should take measures to protect the inheritance?
Task 4.

Limited Liability Company appealed to the car rental office at the joint-stock company «The second taxi station" and get compensated use of 11 months the car "Volga". Two weeks later, the Company transferred the specified vehicle sublease its employee Kosolapov. During the operation it was discovered that the car´s engine needs major repairs. Kosolapov demanded that the company make a major overhaul, and the company has decided to shift the execution of the corresponding duties on the rental office. The last overhaul of refused, citing the fact that the tenant has violated the terms of the contract of hire and the car passed in the sublease.
Who should make an overhaul of the car?
A control in civil law
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