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25 questions

1. The supreme judicial body for settling economic disputes are:
A Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
Used Supreme Court
The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
 D Plenum of the Supreme Court

2. Arbitration courts do not hear cases ::
A Dispute on refusal of state registration, evasion of state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
B of incapacity
In the insolvency (bankruptcy)
T about protection of business reputation in the sphere of entrepreneurial and other economic activities

3. Legal costs consist of:
A state fee and legal costs related to the examination of the case by the arbitral tribunal
B state fee and the amount of reimbursable damages
The state fee, the amount of non-pecuniary damage to be compensation, legal costs

4. Appointment of the arbitration court procedure shall:
And it can be restored
B can be extended

5. After the arbitration court of the counterclaim:
A case is considered from the outset
Used the trial continues
The decision is made to terminate proceedings
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