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For information on how to tighten in this life, they know almost everything)). Every day we are engaged in this business at home and at work, business, study, training. Hundreds of books, textbooks and videos devoted to only one issue: how to find the strength?

And very few of them can answer the most important question: how to save? And to make it possible only by having the control of power when you know when you need to tighten, and when - to relax. It is this major issue of power - relaxation - and has been the author of this movie, Rodney Yee, showing what a strong person - relaxed person.

The film is useful, perhaps, for all athletes, without exception. Running, swimming, boxing, wrestling, martial arts contact - all these sports require the maximum development of the body and the ability to control and expend its force. Without competent management of its success it will be very difficult.

Rodney Yee proposed exercises may seem simple enough - but do not jump to conclusions, try to perform this small complex, for example, after a hard workout, and you´ll appreciate its high efficiency.
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