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In the book, along with the traditional themes of the course material is presented devoted to public procedures (registration procedures, licensing, etc.). Considerable attention is given to the public status of non-profit organizations (public corporations, public companies, self-regulatory organizations, budgetary and autonomous institutions) and other corporate members of the administrative and legal relations. More topics discussed governance in the economic, social, political, cultural, administrative and political activities.

In the book highlights not only theoretical but also practical problems of administrative law, so it can be used in teaching on the courses of a private educational disciplines cycle.
Table of contents
Preface to the ninth edition
Section I
Chapter 1. Purpose of Administrative Law
Chapter 2. Establishment and development of national administrative and legal science
Chapter 3. The public status of individuals
Chapter 4: Status of public entities
Chapter 5. The public status of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federal Government and the executive authorities
Chapter 6. Special public authorities
Chapter 7. Administrative and legal status of public commercial organizations
Chapter 8. Public non-profit institutions
Chapter 9. The public status of non-profit organizations
Chapter 10. The public status of joint stock companies
Chapter 11. State Service
Chapter 12. Military service rights and duties of citizens of the Russian Federation
Chapter 13. Administrative status of municipalities
Chapter 14. The public status of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Chapter 15. The public status of public associations
Chapter 16. Public regulation of certain types of public associations
Chapter 17. Methods of state regulation in the sphere of religious relations
Chapter 18. Public attributes and symbols
Chapter 19. Special administrative regimes
Section II
Public procedures
Chapter 20. Visitor registration procedures
Chapter 21. Procedures for managing public property
Chapter 22. Public regulation
Section III
Introduction to the Special Part
Chapter 23. Management in the area of antitrust activity
Chapter 24. Methods of implementation of the state economic policy
Chapter 25. Management of industry, trade, fuel and energy complex. Management in the areas of regional development and construction
Chapter 26. Management of agro-industrial complex
Chapter 27. Management of complex transport and road infrastructure
Chapter 28. State management in the sphere of communications and information technologies
Chapter 29. Management in the area of environment and nature
Chapter 30. Management of public property
Chapter 31. Management in Finance
Chapter 32. Regulation of Foreign Trade Activity
Chapter 33. Customs Affairs
Chapter 34. Management in the area of social construction
Chapter 35. Management in the area of culture
Chapter 36. Management in the area of defense
Chapter 37. Managing security
Chapter 38. The system of Internal Affairs of Russia
Chapter 39. State regulation of foreign policy activity
Chapter 40. Management in the area of justice
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