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Scott Sonnon and his video lessons on Prasar Yoga help us again in the difficult matter of finding a healthy body together with a strong and cheerful spirit. Prasara yoga is remarkable because it does not make high demands on beginners, its exercises (more precisely, exercise complexes) are simple and understandable, and, most importantly, they are effective. If you are engaged in wrestling, you will definitely like this complex. It is carried out smoothly and slowly, the exercises shown in it are simple (although they will require some perseverance from you) and are effective. In the complex there are slopes, upheavals, somersaults - in a word, all the elements necessary for the wrestler´s preparation for the struggle lying down or during the transition to the fight from the counter to the ground. Another advantage of this complex is that it can be used as a morning warm-up. Pay attention to how it is performed by the author, who is a specialist in fights without rules (in which fighting techniques - even more than enough). Having the same flexible and strong body, you can significantly improve your wrestling qualities.
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