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As is known, Prasara Yoga differs from all other types of traditional yoga in that as such there are almost no poses (asanas) - at least, in the usual sense. Instead of static exercises, Prasan offers the performance of asanas in dynamics (albeit slow, but - movement), and in this - the fundamental difference.

In this film, Scot Sonnon, a famous specialist in fights without rules and a great yogi and gymnast, shows the "Spider and Monkey" complex of prasara yoga. The complex is not very complicated, but nevertheless, you will need at least a poor flexibility of the spine and strong hands to perform it correctly. The whole complex is a slow transition from one position of the body to another, which allows you to maximally work out all the muscles and use all the joints. It could be especially recommended to martial arts wrestlers in mixed styles. In this contact form of combat there are a lot of power and throwing elements with the participation of the whole body and hands, and the "Spider and Monkey" complex helps to perfectly prepare the body for such loads.
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Title: Prasara - "Spider and Monkey" Complex
Author: Scott Sonnon
Format: SATRip
The size: 690 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year: 2014
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