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1) Feng Shui Magic emperors of ancient China "

It is often not enough money. Very often lack a loved one close. And the mind can not find the cause of these yavleniy.Byvaet people working day and night trying, and payment of his hard labor unduly small. Sometimes people fall in love with someone, and no relation skladyvayutsya.Nas raised and taught that the more we work, the more we get. We explained that we do not have anything that would interfere with our personal happiness. What's the matter? Why is the theory of the so strikingly at odds with the reality? I think that to solve these and similar problems have to do the same, what do people who were paid the equivalent pay and live in large, strong and united semyah.Kto are these people? This happy, successful and prosperous family in Hong Kong, and other countries in the region. What is the secret of their prosperity? The secret of their prosperity, not only in the intensive and effective work and good relations with each other, but in the secret method of harmonizing their personal bio-field and the electromagnetic field zemli.Chto kind of methods and where they came from? These are the same techniques that for centuries allowed the dynasties of ancient emperors to maintain and increase their own power and wealth. These methods are collected in the teachings of Feng Shui, which is always kept secret. Today is the information age, in which the mystery is gradually cease to exist and only need to know how and where to find them, like a treasure, hidden away out of sight.

Today I offer you four secrets of the teachings of Feng Shui, which can help get fair money for your efforts and contribute to the meeting and strengthening relationships with your loved one. Why is this information should help you? Because these methods of travel time from the fourth century BC. Can so many generations of people have enjoyed them and passed them on from generation to generation, if it would not give them any results? It's unlikely. Why is it uses so few people, it is just as effective? Is our outlook and upbringing does not inspire everyone insurmountable doubts? I think that inspires. But the discrepancy between the number of costly effort, and money that we get for this effort, forced to read these lines.

The book includes.

"Individual geographic areas contributed to the success, wealth, health and meditation"

"Colors are influencing the fate depending on the date of birth of each person"

"The mystery of the imperial sizes forming a complete collapse or prosperous prosperity"

"Calendar Feng Shui indicating the days marked earth luck, depending on the item for the period from 2001 to 2010."

2) "The most kept secret Feng Shui"

One day I came to my old friend and told his story. He read a lot of different books on Feng Shui and tried all available methods. Experimenting, he nearly lost a large part of their property, health and money. But the thirst for wealth, prosperity and well-being violently pushed him to new experiments. Magic crystals, aquariums, windchime troubled him and reassuring. In books on Feng Shui, which he read in one voice say that Feng Shui is safe or yields only positive results. Tragically, after each new experiment, his expectations have been deceived, the results were frankly negative or neutral. It is this negative experience gave him the idea that if there was a negative result, there must be a clearly positive result. Not for nothing did the fame of the mysterious Feng Shui dominates the minds of people for six millennia. So all this time had to appear in practice, the facts confirming the power of Feng Shui. Then he remembered me, because some twenty years ago, when we are together engaged in martial arts, I told him about my Uch
Train "Uh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh."

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"Tick-tock, tick-tock." And time goes by. "Tick-tock, tick-tock." LuckyRich

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