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The method was created in 1981 in the Cosmonaut Training Center to prepare for the state of weightlessness (method allows you to experience zero gravity), and overcome congestion effects and neutralization of stress conditions during flight. Founder method psychotherapist Khasay Aliyev.
The program of training is based on the practice of the three schools of self-regulation based on a "key": Makhachkala (Aliyev HM), Tver (Chula BS) and Stavropol (Afanasyeva NV), as well as on the basis of its own practices .

Self-regulation - the natural ability of the body, without self-control, we could not live.
"Key" - this is not something adscititious, on the contrary, it is the return from our adscititious programs to the natural "natural" abilities of the body.
"Key" - a harmonization of the cells and the body - work in unison.
What is important is the way, not just the goal. The tool - training and awareness of higher perspective in training.
Advantages of the "key": the speed of mastering the most physiologically simple, involves "neutral state"
The main thing - increasing human spirituality, reveals the creative potential
You will learn how to treat yourself and loved ones
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You can believe or not believe in the method. It does not matter...
The main thing is that it works !!!

Good luck to you in mastering the technique of self-control!
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