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Pixel Piracy - crediting pixel RPG-bagel, where you will manage a team of a pirate ship!

Hiring new team members to maintain discipline, watch the status of equipment, improve ship, and win glory in my vast and randomly generated world.

Furrow randomly generated seas, your ship will encounter different enemies and other hazards.
● randomly generated, filled with dangers and discoveries open to study the world!
● Integrated System loot system throughput weapons and armor, secret things for your sailors!
● Death awaits you at every corner, our combat system is designed so that you will be upset at a loss and greatly rejoice at winning!
● Various 10-hour storyline!
● Permanent update / improve the content and patches!
Activation Instructions:

1. You need to download and install Steam

2. Go to your account or register a new one.

3. Go to the "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam ...", and enter the key received after payment.

4. Once activated, the game will appear in the game list (Library) and you can download it
30.12.2016 12:10:26
Все хорошо
21.04.2016 15:12:23
all ok
29.02.2016 12:00:45
Все отлично!
31.01.2016 13:50:16
Отлично сразу получил ключик
26.01.2016 22:42:59
Работает все хорошо
08.12.2015 20:19:09
Все отлично! Ключ пришел мгновенно после оплаты! Спасибо!
11.10.2015 23:13:24
Спасибо! Всё круто!
16.02.2015 23:50:30
5 minutes, and got the key, works perfect
11.02.2015 17:49:18
Спасибо! ключик рабочий!
16.12.2014 19:57:19

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