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How is it that at least half of the illnesses "occur from nerves?"

Daily experiences affect your health. The usual stress at work can affect your stomach, kidney, or liver. What does it lead to?

• For violation of the natural rhythm of life

• For poor health

• For frequent visits to doctors

• For chronic diseases

And this happens in 50% of men.

Now you can improve your health. This will help you, my unique book "Therapy floral infusions." Essence Dr. E.BAHa

Its most important advantage: the adoption of measures to eliminate hotbeds of disease caused as a result of a complex psycho-emotional stress.

Now you can try out absolutely unique and proven methodology - "psychosomatic floroterapiya": restoring the balance in the human soul by means of energy of colors (the development of the English scientist E. Bach).

This book is made in 3D format with page turning effect.

Fighting after payment, you will receive a link to download this book.

All instructions for running and viewing a book you will find in the downloaded archive.
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