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The course "Active self-hypnosis" - effective method of influence on your subconscious.
Active self-hypnosis is good because it does not require training or relaxation, nor peace, nor a single time. Active self-hypnosis you can do literally on the move - walking around the city, waiting in queues or doing household chores.

The development of the course "Active self-hypnosis" takes place in two stages. In the first stage, we master the construction of the phrase acting, and at the second stage - the introduction of a methodology of this phrase in your subconscious.

The course not only provides operating circuit subliminal, but also considered the specific case of the application of this scheme as an example of overcoming evening overeating.
03.03.2015 7:05:48
Очень интересная методика. Изложена подробно, просто и понятно.
04.02.2015 17:33:28
Оплата прошла быстро. Товар соответствует описанию, претензий нет. Удобный сервис, понравилось.
23.10.2014 13:30:28
оплата и загрузка прошли быстро и без сбоев. Очень удобно
30.07.2014 20:00:40
всё прошло "в одно касание"
04.07.2014 15:52:25
Скачалось быстро и скачалось то,что я хотел.